Urbandale Parks & Rec – Walnut Creek Park Landscaping Project


The City of Urbandale’s Parks and Recreation was a 2016 Dallas County Grant Recipient for their Walnut Creek Regional Park Specialized Landscaping Project.

Walnut Creek Regional Park is a 200 acre park located in Dallas County. The park is a natural park surrounded by residential development. The park has a 12 foot wide, one mile long concrete trail running north/south from Meredith Drive to Douglas Avenue.

The intent of the project was to provide an educational component in the park consisting of pods or pockets along the trail corridor. These pods would be frequently mowed and maintained and would be theme oriented with signage explaining the importance of preserving native prairie, forbs, and trees as a sanctuary for wildlife being displaced from residential development.

Each pod will contain the informational signage, plantings related to the signage, and hardscape landscaping for access and complimenting the presentation. 

There are plans to do more prairie management projects in the park that will compliment this project.