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The Foundation

The Dallas County Foundation in Iowa is a charitable foundation created by and for local citizens to improve the quality of life right here in our communities. We are here to help donors make a positive, local impact by offering a variety of giving tools to help people achieve their charitable giving goals and do good work in our communities that lasts forever.

How To Give

We provide each donor a unique giving experience, tailored to suit his or her situation and charitable goals. The Dallas County Foundation works with individuals, families, business and organizations to meet their charitable giving goals. We offer a wide range of giving options that can be used to establish or add to a charitable fund. Establishing your named fund does not require great wealth and, it is not complicated.

Professional Advisors

Community foundations have earned the trust of hundreds of professional advisors throughout Iowa. The Dallas County Foundation works closely with professional advisors (attorneys, accountants, financial planners, bankers, and life insurance representatives) to help their clients realize their charitable objectives and personal interests. The Dallas County Foundation helps to integrate charitable giving within estate and financial plans, facilitate anonymous giving, and assist with complex gift instruments.

Grant Information

Community Foundations seek to be a responsive and proactive community partner that works strategically to address existing and emerging community issues. The Dallas County Foundation is here to help our community’s charitable projects and programs contribute to the quality of life in our area. One of the ways that is done is through grantmaking. The Dallas County Foundation currently has one grantmaking cycle each year. We accept grant applications from charitable projects and programs impacting a wide range of needs in the community- arts and culture, health, human services, community betterment, historic preservation, etc. Learn More »


  • Great workshop. You do so much good for Dallas county! This is such a wonderful foundation!
  • The goal of this project was to provide School-Based mentoring to at-risk and low-income students in eight Dallas County schools. Each school was provided with an activity bin of games, crafts, recreational equipment and other items for mentors and students. By providing students with quality, professionally supported mentoring relationships, the project met the following objectives: increased self-confidence, improved relationships with parents, teachers, and peers, improved academics, and avoidance of risky behaviors.

    Big Brothers, Big Sisters, – Anne Thomas, Grants Manager

  • Thanks to the Dallas County Foundation, Art on the Prairie printed posters, postcards, invitations, artist table signage, People’s Choice Award ballots, performance tickets, schedules, directional signage, building sponsor signage, and nametags. In addition, with grant monies, Art on the Prairie designed and hand printed a banner for Highway 141, twelve light pole banners, a double-sided banner for the front of the venue, and eight yard signs. Evaluation by artist survey, anecdotal stories from attendees, media coverage, committee evaluation, art sales, attendance estimations, and People Choice Award ballots pointed to the success of this project.

    Art on the Prairie, – Jenny Eklund, Board Chair

  • Our goal was to construct a new show-ring at the Dallas County Fairgrounds. We needed to purchase new bleachers which were able to meet insurance requirements. We were able to purchase more bleachers from community support dollars. Without the support of the local businesses and community, we could not have gotten this completed. The Open Air Show-ring is great and the bleachers were a huge improvement from the old bleachers. People love the new facility and more judging shows have been held in Dallas County because of it.

    Dallas County 4-H Youth Committee: Dallas County Livestock Show-ring, - Mary E. McColloch, Board Chair

  • Pedestrian Crossing Signal -- The goal was to install a pedestrian crossing signal in order to provide a safe crossing of Ashworth Road for children, their families, and other residents crossing Ashworth Road. The signal was installed and placed into operation on August 17, 2015 and has received positive feedback from residents in the area. Compliance from pedestrians in pushing the button to activate the signal has been excellent, as verified through visual observation through traffic monitoring cameras from the Traffic Operations Center.

    City of West Des Moines , - Steven K. Gaer, Mayor of West Des Moines

  • Our goal was to create a permanent piece of art to honor veterans. Over thirty volunteers worked for five full days to create the individual poppies which resulted in a sense of community pride. We unveiled the piece at the Perry High School Veterans Day Celebration on November 11. Located in the Perry Performing Arts Center lobby, anyone coming through the lobby sees. We have had very positive response.

    Perry Community Schools Poppy Project, - M. Lynn Ubben, Superintendent

  • Thank you! This grant has made a huge impact on our ability to safely serve the community! Our goal was to equip 100% of our firefighters with safe, compliant, protective gear that properly fits to keep them safe while conducting fire and EMS activities. We were able to accomplish this and have already put the gear to good use on a number of incidents. Prior to the grant, we had a number of firefighters who were using gear that didn’t fit them or was in pretty poor shape

    Minburn Area Firefighters, - Daniel Case, Minburn Fire Department Rescue Captain

  • Our goal was to purchase a people mover to ensure all our visitors have the equipment necessary to see the Arboretum when mobility restrictions would have otherwise limited their experience. Yes, this goal was obtained, and we thank you again for your support! We counted 1,169 students who attended field trips in 2015, around four children were wheelchair-bound. As 2016 field grips gear up, we will offer the gator to all students with mobility restrictions so that they can access the same program that their peers are experiencing.

    Brenton Arboretum, – J.C. “Buz” Brenton, Board Chair